Benefits of the Montenegro Citizenship Programme


Holders of the Montenegrin passport have visa-free access to 123 countries, including the Schengen Area, Russia, Brazil, and Turkey. Therefore, by investing in the Montenegro Citizenship Programme, successful applicants will surely be endowed with plentiful travel freedom. The application to attain this citizenship through investment is a also a brisk one, taking up only 6 months. Permanent residency status is granted after solely three weeks upon submission of the application.

A facet which adds further esteem to the Montenegro Citizenship programme is the country’s active pursuit of EU membership. In fact, the country has already adopted the Euro (€) as its main currency.

Family members may also be included in the citizenship application. Furthermore, the Montenegrin citizenship is granted for life, and the law also allows dual citizenship for those who attain Montenegrin citizenship through the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme. 


  6 month application process
  Permanent residency granted in 3 weeks
  Visa-free travel to 124 countries
  Family eligibility and valid for life
  Dual Citizenship allowed


Eligibility for Montenegro Citizenship Programme


In order to qualify for the Montenegro Citizenship Programme, the main applicant has to be at least 18 years old, and all applicants are required to be non-EU nationals. 

Applicants have to be provide evidence of the origin of funds used to invest in the programme. Other documentation must also be provided, including a certified copy of passport, birth certificates, marriage certificates. Applicants must be in good health and must enclose proof of active health insurance in Montenegro.

Eligible family members include the spouse, dependent children under the age of 18, and children who may reach the age of 18 before the official acquisition of Montenegrin citizenship.

  Eligible dependants may include spouse and dependent children
  Main applicant must be over the age of 18
  Verifiable source of funds 
  Good health and active health insurance

Montenegro Citizenship Programme Investment Requirements


Applicants for the Montenegro Citizenship Programme must invest in real estate within the country. They have the option of either investing EUR250,000 in government-approved projects in under-developed regions of Montenegro (northern and central region except Podgorica), or EUR450,000 in government-approved projects in developed regions of Montenegro (coastal region and Podgorica).

Applicants must also make a non-refundable government contribution of EUR100,000 to be diverted towards underdeveloped local self-government units.

In addition to the investment, the applicants are also subject to processing fees to cover the cost of the procedure. These fees amount to EUR15,000 for the main applicant, EUR10,000 for each family members up to a maximum of 4, and EUR50,000 for each additional family member.  

One of the following real estate options:

  EUR250,000 in government-approved projects in under-developed regions of Montenegro
  EUR450,000 in government-approved projects in developed regions of Montenegro


Montenegro Citizenship Programme

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