The Firm

CCLEX is one of the largest legal and professional services firm in Malta, providing legal, residency and citizenship, tax, trusts and estate planning services to businesses, private clients and governments worldwide. Its global vision and business acumen have been the driving force behind the firm’s evolution over the years to offer a host of comprehensive and integrated services to its growing client base. The firm boasts unrivalled expertise in corporate law, international tax law, intellectual property law, trusts, property law, residency and citizenship, as well as other investment programmes, thus is well positioned to offer an all-inclusive service to its clients. Its multidisciplinary team are well respected in international circles and are exemplary players in implementing the firm’s mission of providing high-quality, client-centric services that are focused on the clients’ personal and commercial realities.

Global Residency and Citizenship Lawyers

CCLEX enjoys a sterling reputation in the areas of citizenship and residence planning and in the handling of legal and tax matters relevant to the structuring and planning of personal wealth and personal interests and businesses worldwide.

Over the years, we have meticulously rendered advisory services to successful entrepreneurs, business families, individuals and institutions and Governments through our unique, multidisciplinary set-up of lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, company administrators and relocation advisors. The provision of such a wide spectrum of services means that our team has the right blend of insight and knowledge to deliver the right solutions related to Citizenship and Residency by investment, legal, tax, company formation, corporate relocation, and fiduciary services to our clients.

This cross-functional arrangement, as well as CCLEX’s expertise through our international footprint, allows it to develop solutions that are unique and tailor-made to the exigencies of the client. This provides the necessary comfort to discerning clients that range from High Net Worth individuals and families, to entrepreneurs and blue chip companies.

The Firm serves as a trusted advisor to personal and corporate end-clients, as well as Governments, international law firms, tax advisors, accountants, private bankers and family offices worldwide. Our Private Client practice vaunts a team of advisers spanning the legal, accounting and tax professions that is always highly commercially aware, timely, accurate and commercially astute. Besides being one of the very first Citizenship and residency-specialised firms, we boast a commitment to quality, whilst at the same time emphasising responsiveness and unparalleled client service.

Our Government Advisory Practice

With over 20 years of experience in the field of residency and citizenship, we at CCLEX pride ourselves in acting as a bridge between high net worth individuals seeking investment opportunities and governments aiming to attract foreign direct investment. As a law firm specialising in residency and citizenship programmes we uphold the highest standards in ensuring confidentiality in providing detailed and holistic advice to our clients, private clients and governments alike.

Through our experienced and dedicated team of lawyers and professionals, we are well positioned to advise governments on the design, implementation and operation of residency and citizenship programmes.  Our approach to these programmes is based on attracting foreign direct investment to boost the economic growth of the country.

Our government advisory practice provides holistic advice to governments on every aspect of the residency or citizenship programme, starting from the planning and design stage up to the actual implementation and operation of the programme.