Benefits of the Grenada Citizenship Programme


The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Grenada was formally launched in 2013 through the Citizenship by Investment Act. It is one of the most popular programmes in the Caribbean as it is the only country in the Caribbean with access to the US E-2 Visa program. The programme requires applicants to either make a contribution to a government fund or else invest in an approved real estate project. 

There are many benefits to obtaining a Grenadian Citizenship through the Grenada citizenship programme. The processing time is that of 4-6 months and there are no residency requirements before, during or after the application is finalised.  

The main applicant may include dependents in the application, such as children under the age of 30 and parents of the main applicant and the spouse. Citizenship may also be passed down to any future descendants.

Grenadian citizenship comes with unrestricted right to live, travel and study in the CARICOM as well as visa free travel to 148 countries including the European Schengen Area countries, the UK, Russia and China. 

Grenada allows dual nationality, hence applicants can still maintain their original citizenship.



  4 to 6 months processing time
  Visa-free travel to over 148 countries 
  Allows dual citizenship
  Inclusion of family members
spain residency investment   Right to live, travel and study in CARICOM
  Access to the United States E-2 Visa Programme
  No residency requirement


Greneada Citizenship Programme



Eligibility for Grenada Citizenship Programme


To be eligible for the Grenada citizenship programme, the main applicant must be at least 18 years of age, have a clean criminal record, be of good moral character and be able to verify their sources of funds. Eligible dependants include the spouse, children under the age of 30, as well as dependent parents.

Applicants are required to conduct interviews during the application process. This process can be done remotely and serves as an extra tier of due diligence for candidates applying for citizenship.

Grenada citizenship programme


Eligible dependants may include spouse, children, parents and grandparents 

  Main applicant must be over the age of 18
  Clean criminal record
  Verify source of funds

Grenada Citizenship Programme Investment Requirements


The main applicant is provided with two main investment options: real estate investment, and a contribution to the Grenada National Transformation Fund (NTF), which is used for investment by the government into various sectors such as agriculture and alternative energy.

The first investment option for the Grenada Citizenship Programme allows the main applicant to invest in an approved real estate project, which includes developments such as villas or resorts. The minimum amount of investment required is that of $220,000 and the investment is to be kept for at least 5 years. 

The second option is to invest in the NTF by making a non-refundable contribution of $150,000 for a single applicant, $200,000 for a main applicant with up to 3 dependents, and $25,000 for any additional dependent.


One of the following options:

  Minimum US$220,000 in real estate 
  Minimum US$150,000 non-refundable contribution to the NTF


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